"Generate Powerful Sales Letters with Just a Few Clicks...and watch your Business and Your Money Multiply!"

From: Cody Moya

You know there are three things that have to happen for you to make money in an internet based business. Number one you need to have product for sale. Number two you need to get traffic to your website and number three once that traffic is there you need to be able to convert them from prospects to buyers.

I can help you to make more sales. I'm the creator of Power Sales Letter Generator a proven method of increasing sales by 30 percent, 200 percent or more.

First class sales letter on your website will make a bigger difference that you might think. It's proven that better sales letter will help you to convert more of your prospects to customers.

I'm going to present you with a product that will enable you to create highly effective, time tested sales letters! A product that will make the task of creating powerful sales letters a piece of cake! and no! I'm not exaggerating!

Interested? You should be! because powerful sales letters are your pathway to the customers! So read on, and see for yourself just how revolutionary this product is and just what it has in store for you!

But first, let me give you some reasons why you need this product, or should I say WANT this product!

In the Internet economy, your customers are all the more discerning and to please them is a challenging task especially when the competition is tough and you barely have a minute to convince your customer.

How do you reach out to the customers, convince them of your product?
Most importantly how do you convert the customer's curiosity for your product to a desire ?

The answer is simple but yet the most overlooked; By Powerful and Effective communications.

I have seen many online sales letters that are so dull and monotonous that the only saving grace is that you can close the browser immediately! Surprisingly, some of these guys are selling good products but just don't know how to sell it!

Well, to be frank, I was one of the above too! I wasn't as polished. But I decided to turn fortunes around for me and decided to take things in my hand.

I spent in countless hours researching and reading on effective sales letters when one fine day it struck me. What if I made a software that could make a sales letter in a few clicks with the necessary information as input?!! And this idea was so overwhelming that I just couldn't get it off my mind.

With a team of skilled salesmen and marketers, and talented programmers, I got on to the task and voila! presenting... the amazing Power Sales Letter Generator!

Get Smart, Get the Power Sales Letter Generator Now!!

Top 10 Reasons why you must TRY NOW!!

Churns captivating and magnetic sales letters in just a few clicks! The Power Sales Letter Generator , Your solution to creating highly effective sales letters!

Wizard-like, step-by-step interface, asking you the necessary information required for creating the sales letter for a particular product. Once you have fed in the data it requires, it generates your sales letter.

Professional and time-tested. Why do I say time-tested? because for more than a decade, a certain layout or progression of information in the sales letter has been proven to have excellent sales results!

I have left no stone unturned, so when you generate a sales letter using the Power Sales Letter Generator, the information you feed in to this software is arranged such that you get the most effective sales letter!

Extremely customizable and you can customize almost all aspects of the sales letter! What more, you can apply formatting and color schemes of your choice!

Output is generated as HTML which is the standard format for the web. Once you have the sales letter ready all you have to do is upload it to your site and its ready for use!

Compatible with a PayPal, ClickBank, 2CheckOut etc. You can also integrate the Power Sales Letter Generator with a number of Payment processors which is simply amazing considering that you not only get a powerful sales letter but also take the customer all the way to purchase and payment!

Make money selling sales letters! The Power Sales Letter Generator will make you powerful sales letters in minutes that you'll be tempted to go commercial with making sales letters!

Extremely Easy to understand and use that you will be creating powerful sales letters from the word "Go!".

For a one time cost of $67 (exclusive price for a limited), you can create unlimited sales letters!

Become a Star Salesperson! Get the Power Sales Letter Generator Now!!

Let me take you through a situation that will convince you all the more why you WANT the Power Sales Letter Generator.

You have spent a lot of time and money in creating a good software product or an e-book, or you have the reselling rights for a wonderful product that sells like hot cake. BUT, you need to tell that to your customer! your customers are not going to know that your product is what THEY ARE LOOKING FOR, if you don't tell them!

And how can that be done? By posting a powerful sales letter in your website, magnetic enough that you customer will see the value instantly!

But I have seen sales letters in websites that just don't "talk" or "appeal" to their customers. In such dismal cases, the customer doesn't see the product . The product is lost in a sea of words that seem to tell the customer that "You are reading a dull sales pitch, you better close this window!".

What would you do when faced with a similar situation?

Fortunately for you my friend, the solution is at hand, or should I say a few mouse clicks!
Purchase a copy of the Power Sales Letter Generator at a fraction of the cost, and churn unlimited captivating and riveting sales letters!

Remember, I've put in my experience with sales and research into the making of the Power Sales Letter Generator! ...and of course witness your business and sales multiply manifold!

Create Riveting Sales letters from the word Go! Buy NOW!!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question #1
Was this sales letter(this page) done using Power Sales Letter Generator ?
Answer: Absolutely! This sales letter was designed and generated by the Power Sales Letter Generator! I had to give you a solid evidence on the wonders that the Power Sales Letter Generator is capable of and voila! you are looking at it. (a few minor changes were done using notepad like adding disclaimer)

Question #2
Can I integrate the generated sales letter directly in my website?
Answer: Yes, as a matter of fact, the Power Sales Letter Generator generates the output as an HTML file, the format used to represent web pages. All you need to do is upload the generated HTML into your website and presto! the page is live!

Question #3
How about support and integration with payment processors like Paypal etc. ?
Answer: Power Sales Letter Generator can interface with most payment processors. Power Sales Letter Generator has support for the following popular payment processors: Paypal, Clickbank, 2CheckOut, Paysystem etc.

What is the cost of this amazing product?

I have spent a considerable amount of time researching and developing the Power Sales Letter Generator and I'm proud of the outcome. It would only be unfair if I didn't share this innovative system with the rest of the online community, people like you who would benefit most out of it.

The regular price of this product is $97 BUT I'm giving the Power Sales Letter Generator away for price of $67!. At this price, it's a steal!. But the offer is for a limited period!

Power Sales Letter Generator will be your best investment ever and the only thing you'll regret is not having purchased earlier! So hurry, remember this exclusive price offer of $67 is for a limited time only!

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My 100% Money Back No Questions Asked Guarantee!

If you were looking for Assurance, there couldn't be a better one! Yes the Power Sales Letter Generator comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. I'm certain you'll be satisfied... no! extremely satisfied with the Power Sales Letter Generator! I am very confident about that!

However, for some reason if you are not completely satisfied with the Power Sales Letter Generator, contact me within 30 days of the purchase and I'll refund 100% of your purchase price. No questions asked!

So you get the best of both worlds! A One-Month RISK FREE proposition to try our product and you have absolutely nothing to lose!

Powerful Sales Letters? Just a Step Away! Buy NOW!!

Well you have read it! You've just learned the incredible benefits that come with the Power Sales Letter Generator!

Effective, Powerful, Time tested and Professional Sales Letters are just a click away! Now it's time you make a small investment and reap rich returns!

Remember! the Special price of $67 is for a limited time period only, in addition to the
100% Money-back Guarantee

Whichever way you look, you only stand to GAIN!

I have decided to sell Power Sales Letter Generator for just $137. But for the limited time of the release I am offering you the Power Sales Letter Generator package at a half price discount.

So you don't have to pay 137, today you only pay $67.00

Here is how to get started...

YES Cody!
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I can't wait to get my hand on these great product.

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I know anyone would have to be flat out insane to pass on this deal.

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To Your Success

Cody Moya

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